“Arti sceniche” is Italian ( transcription into International Phonetic Alphabet should be something like [ˈaːrti ʃʃeˈniːke]  ) it means “performing arts” , and this is what this website is about: I’m a journalist about drama, contemporary dance, ballet, videodance, music (like opera, rock, symphonic, ethnics, jazz and so on), cinema and television.

I began writing about cinema for some websites  many years ago. Since 2008 I write for a local magazine and in 2013 I presented on a local network a tv broadcast I wrote, translated and edited about performing arts. In my career I interviewed many international artists like choreographer Moses Pendleton, singers Manhattan Transfer, singer Noah, Academy Award Jeremy irons, Genesis  guitarist Steve Hacket, Chapman stick and bass player Tony Levin, Deep Purple drummer Ian Pace, Russian étoile Irina kolesnikova, Opèra de Paris algerian former étoile Kader Belarbi, dancer Cristiana Morganti from Pina Bausch company who joined Wim Wenders movie “Pina”, former Biennale Danza art director Ismael Ivo and current art director Virgilio Sieni, opera conductor Giampaolo Bisanti, conductor Andrea Battistoni, conductor Israel Yinon, conductor Giovanni Battista Rigon, and many many other artists.

I work mainly in Vicenza, wich is equally far both from Verona and Venice but for my blog I do interview in Naples too, wich is a city I love. By the way! Aside English and French I also speak Napolitan: UNESCO has just recognized it as a language and also as the second spoken language in Italy after Italian.

I like painting and I also did some exhibitons in the past but now I do it just when I’m inspired. Inspiration lead us but just when SHE wants! I also know that she’s always inside me and that when she comes back I have to follow her. I’m sure I couldn’t do this job if I hadn’t the inspiration that comes from painting and drawing.

I do love cruising since I was a teen-ager and the most important thing for me is living the ship as a metaphore and a symbol of the relationship between human being and the sea and communication among peoples. In more than 20 years of cruising I’ve been in many places like Italy and Grece of course but also Cape North, Spitzbergen-Svalbards, Greenland (sailing round trip on Amsterdam), Faroer Islands, Scotland, Shetlands, Orkneys, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Iceland, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and in Mediterranean and South Europe I’ve sailed to Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, Canary islands, Madeira, Turkey, Cyprus, Ukraina, Bulgaria, Romania, Crimea, Croatia, Montenegro.

I’ve also been twice in USA when I was little: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and twice in Rochester –Minnesota. I’d like to come back there but I’d like to do it by sailing, to live at least a part of ancestral great grandfather’s feeling that arrived to USA as immigrant from a post-unification suffering South Italy to New York.

My study career is stormy: after language High school degree in English, French and German I subscribed for  a diploma in Psychology at Università di Padova, but after 2 years I had to give up. Some years later I tried at Università di Ferrara with Technology of Multimedia and Video Communication but due to crisis and new laws the classes were closed. Now I’m in the same university studying Sciences and Technology of Communication selecting all the exams about theatre, cinema, classical music, marketing, cultural anthropology and arts. We will see how it will end. After all… Tomorrow is another  day!

Elena De Dominicis



Ho cominciato scrivendo recensioni di cinema per passare successivamente al teatro, alla danza e alla musica.

Sono iscritta all’albo dei pubblicisti dell’Ordine dei Giornalisti della Regione Veneto.

Mi occupo esclusivamente di spettacoli.

Attualmente scrivo per la rivista online ladomenicadivicenza.it

Parlo inglese e francese  ( l’inglese meglio del francese). E anche napoletano.

Disegno e, quando l’ispirazione me lo concede, dipingo.  Le maestre all’asilo, per tenermi buona , mi davano pennelli e acquerelli. Le tempere mi piacevano meno: le trovavo poco versatili. I pennarelli pure. Mi arrabbiavo se, con le matite colorate, le campiture e le sfumature non venivano omogenee come volevo io.

Sono saldamente convinta che non riuscirei a fare questo lavoro nel modo in cui lo faccio se non avessi la pittura. Lei rimane sempre dentro di me, anche quando mi abbandona. Anche perchè so che poi ritorna sempre (quando vuole lei).

Il mio percorso di studi è tempestoso: dopo la maturità linguistica ( inglese, francese e tedesco), ho frequentato per alcuni anni il corso di laurea in Psicologia a Padova per poi doverlo interrompere. Molti anni dopo mi sono iscritta al corso di laurea in Tecnologo della Comunicazione Audiovisiva e Multimediale a Ferrara con ottimi risultati ma poi…. Al momento sono iscritta al corso di laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie della Comunicazione, sempre a Ferrara. Vedremo come va a finire…. Dopotutto, domani, è un altro giorno.


Elena De Dominicis