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i’m there



hi everyone


wellcome  if  you’ve never been here,  welcome back  if you’re  someone of  the  few  that  read  me.


as you can  see  this  blog  has been  still for more than one  year. i’ve been in a  deep  crisis because  in Italy NOBODY care about  these subjects, neither  those  who are directly involved:  artists,  foundations, tour manager, publicists, press agency and  so on…

artists and directors  all thank you because of the beautiful questions  you do to them , but  then they write to you only  if  they don’t like  something  you  have  written.


in the meanwhile i was wondering  wich was  the sens of writing about performing arts in 3 language, i had 2 bereavement in  my family.


since peforming arts and culture in general are something  VERY IMPORTANT for me, despite all the artists, directors, managers, pubblicists, press agents, and  all the coach  of  the company following, i decided that  maybe it’s better  to go on without  thinking that this, inthis country, can still be considered as  a work  (since being  journalist, in italy, for most of us is no more a work, and  culture journalism is something that doesn’t interest to   anyone) i’ll go on,  i was saying, despite everyone, writing about what i like  most, going on  sending my articles and posts around.  and if all the coach of the company is still concerned  in what they care most ( filling the theatres) without thinking that, for instance,  using social nets and sharing  comments and debate  with people is CRUCIAL, each time  they will complain that people in Italy is not interested  in culture ( and politicians most of everyone), well, I will always  able  to reply that is THEIR  FAULT.


and to cool down my rage, let me tell you that i opened another blog, with friends and relatives , it’s about culture and travels (or better, voyages), food, shopping, history and much mores. there are not any content yet  but  is online already. it’s called ormisis  and i look forward to fill it  with all the ideas and videos and interesting things  we are preparing.


i won’t care  about all those  who say that i’m a wonderful journalist without helping me in giving me   a better  way  to  improve my  job. I’ll go  on by myself for all those  who really think that these are important things and that culture is the ONLY weapon to survive.

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